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     In this section of MATHguide, several tutorials will be highlighted:

   This tutorial describes the mathematics necessary to optimize a player's gaming performance within the game called Clash of Clans. The tutorial teaches mathematical properties and relationships found there. However, it is explained how this mathematics transcends the game.

     Tutorial: Strategy Tutorial for Clash of Clans

   This tutorial is designed to help teachers understand the need to undergo continuous reflection for the purpose of enhancing instruction. Danielson's framework of teaching is discussed. The roles of evaluator and evaluatee are also addressed in order to create a process for sustained growth that leads to better learning.

     Tutorial: Evaluating Teachers

   This tutorial will provide educators with a number of research driven strategies and practical ideas to institute an environment conducive to learning. Educators have access to documents that can be of assistance, too.

     Tutorial: Guide to School Discipline

   In order to further encourage the use of the Internet as a learning medium, this tutorial exists as a means for:
  • learning how to design effective web pages, and
  • gaining strategies to recognize effective web pages.

     Tutorial: Elements of Effective Website Design