Math Football
A Math Review Game Based on Football

All students will be divided into teams of 3 - 4 students/team. Teams will begin on the 10-yardline and march down a field that measures only 30 yards in length! The rules below will handle specific situations:

  1. Question Round
    1. A question will be asked by the referee (teacher) that all teams may answer.
    2. Teams will buzz in by having any student raise a hand while saying their team number. Once a team is identified, the referee will choose any player from that team to explain the answer.
    3. If the answer is correct, progress down the playing field will be made according to Table 1.
    4. If the answer is incorrect, Table 2 will determine movement on the playing field.
    Table 1: Correct Solution
    Result of
    Die Roll
    Event Name
    Yard Gain
    1, 2:
    Short Run
    3 yards
    3, 4:
    Medium Run or Short Pass
    5 yards
    Long Run
    10 yards
    Long Pass
    12 yards
    Table 2: Incorrect Solution
    Result of
    Die Roll
    Event Name
    Yard Loss
    1, 2:
    Locked Line
    3, 4:
    Fumbled Behind Line
    5 yards
    Blitzed Line
    4 + [die roll] yards
    Sacked Quarterback
    10 yards

  2. A Team Reaches End of Field
    1. The team scores 6 points.
    2. The scoring team will be asked a speed question and be given 5 seconds to answer. If the scoring team answers correctly within the time limit, that team earns an extra point. If time elapses, the scoring team loses the chance to earn the point. If another team, called a competing team, answers the question correctly, the competing team gains 5 yards.
    3. The scoring team is placed back on the 10-yardline.
    4. This process is repeated for all competing teams that reach the end of field.

  3. A Team Gets Forced in Backfield
    1. The team loses 3 points.
    2. The team is placed back on the 10-yardline.

  4. Penalties
    Rule Number
    Unnecessary Behavior
    A player who talks loudly or displays behavior that is in some way inappropriate (even lack of participation) is in violation of unnecessary behavior.
    Player's Team Loses 5 yards
    Improper Collaboration
    Two or more players who speak to players outside their team are in violation of improper collaboration.
    Player's Teams Lose 5 yards each
    Flagrant Behavior
    A player who commits any one of the following is in violation of flagrant behavior: continuous talking, repeated collaboration outside of team, or disruptive behavior.
    5 Minute Minimum Removal from Game

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