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     In this section of MATHguide, teachers will find classroom resources, such as:

     There are several reasons why people advertise on websites:

  Increase Traffic

     Having links on other websites will send traffic to your website. This is especially true when the link is placed on an appropriate webpage, located correctly on the page, and it contains either an eye-catching graphic or correct keywords within a text link.

  Brand Recognition

     When customers are hungry, traveling down a road, and see a familiar restaurant sign, brand is very important. If the brand is well known for quality or is identifying characteristics that are wanted ('BBQ' or 'Ale House,' for instance), people are likely to stop and purchase something. Get your brand out there and tell people what you sell.

     We offer two types of advertisements:

  Text Links

     This is the most popular advertisement service. This is partly because search engines look at key words within links. Text links are usually written within a sentence and placed strategically within a website.

  Graphic Links

     Graphic links are either buttons, logos, icons, or banners that impart a visual image for your website. The graphics have to be well-made and garner the interest of a viewer for them to have an impact on traffic to your website.

     The cost for advertisements is based on several factors:

  The Advertiser

     We make a distinction between small businesses, large chains, and corporate giants. We give breaks to small businesses.

     We also will not advertise for other math education services. [This is because our service is superior and we do not trust the content on other websites.]

  Type of Advertisement

     Graphic links and text links are very different. Graphic links take up bandwidth and take time to download and display. This is especially true for large banners. Text links are preferred and they are priced accordingly.

  Location of Advertisement

     Advertisements on our frontpage are more expensive than those on other pages. There is only so much room that can be spared on our frontpage. However, MATHguide has plenty of other pages that receive a lot of traffic, like our Lessons page.

  Time Length

     Advertisements that are long term gain a discount. It takes time and effort for ads to be placed, which takes time away from our ability to create more high quality math education services. Keep this in mind when considering your advertiement campaign.

     With your type of advertisement and time length in mind, contact us to get your ad campaign started.

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