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Research Articles, Lessons, and Presentations
Administrative Behavior Contracts
  To help difficult students learn proper behavior it is sometimes necessary to develop contracts. These contracts, which are designed to be used by administrators, place student behavior in a closely watched, productive environment.
A Drive for Alternative Lessons, Activities, and Methods for Teaching Algebra
  Hispanic are the largest growing population in the United States. This paper provides strategies for handling Hispanics from urban schools or schools that possess typically urban problems associated with low ability levels and other conditions. The strategies include the incorporation of visualization, Gardner's Multiple Intelligence model, and Hispanic culture within algebra education.
Action Research: A Formal Social Movement Strategy
  This paper provides a foundation for understanding the importance of action research. Action research uses methodologies that reflect and encourage our democratic society. The ramifications of this paper include school structure, peer relations, and governance within educational systems.
Assessing the Cognitive Basis of Instructional Media
  This paper compares Dreamweaver and Flash against ten cognitive standards for instructional media. The ten standards are worthy of investigation and are more important than the specific software products. The ramifications of this paper should leave educators scrambling to incorporate instructional media within their courses. Parents should be insisting that schools be using such materials.
Fighting Dehumanization within Public School
  This paper informs the reader of the dehumanistic problems that are occuring at a certain high school. The problems that exist there are a result of No-Child-Left-Behind and High Schools that Work (HSTW). These problems are not exclusive to this school. They exist within many schools that face urban challenges, learners with low abilities, and organizations in transition.
The Illinois Virtual High School: Forming a Cooperative Partnership
  This paper explains how a certain high school can introduce distance learning to its students through The Illinois Virtual High School and take advantage of the many benefits of such a program. The paper will also allow other schools to form similar partnerships with their distance education providers. Illinois has nearly 400 schools that participate within such a program and other states have even greater participation.
The Inclusion Of an Online Environment for High School Geometry Students Learning Surface Area and Volume
  This paper provides a rationale for using online instructional materials to enhance the learning of surface area and volume within a geometry course. The paper outlines how multiple quizmasters obtained from MATHguide's Lesson's page [see Three Dimensional Solids] can be integrated within a geometry course.
Preparing New Teachers: Transitioning To A Particular School
  This document presents information that will assist teachers who are either new to teaching or new to a particular school. Some information is specific to a certain high school, but the complete framework can be helpful to all teachers. Current trends, such as small schools, and rigor, relevance, and relationships, and the benefits of instructional media are covered.
Technology: Its Impact on the Future Leaders of Tomorrow
  This presentation delivers a body of information related to technology within education. It instructs the reader why to involve technology within curricula and how to plan for four possible situations that may face various districts and schools.
Testing Analysis Team (TAT): A Proposal
  This work is a proposal to develop a team of educators for the purpose of analyzing standardized tests and instituting schoolwide improvements.

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