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     Here you will find information leading to our:

     MATHguide's history begins in the 20th Century.

     The Internet has been sharply booming since the 1990's and on August 10th, 1999, the domain name was purchased through InterNic.

     Math education content has continuously been added ever since. The site continues to undergo development and has recently included instructional videos. MATHguide also has numerous lesson pages, some of which are dynamically geared to help those who are in the process of learning mathematics. They are interactive quizzes meant to check for understanding.

     View our Recent Updates section to see a detailed timeline of MATHguide events.

     MATHguide's goals are to help students, parents, educators and community members as they pursue mathematics education; to provide exciting new methods, a growing source of mathematical information and a forum for learning mathematics; to allow people to purchase the unique materials that we create.

     MATHguide is owned and managed by a high school mathematics teacher, Mark Karadimos. He works in a rich educational environment and has collegues who are extremely student-centered. If you are interested in MATHguide and would like to contribute to its growth, contact MATHguide by CLICKING HERE.

Awards, Links to MATHguide, and Notable Mentions
     MATHguide is listed on hundreds of websites across the Internet and throughout the world. MATHguide is mentioned within Internet directories, web libraries, school districts' sites, educators' link pages, and a growing number of syllabi for students K - College. Below are a small number of interesting sites that refer to MATHguide. The dates represent when mention was made to MATHguide or when the mention was detected:

March, 2019
Suffolk Public Schools, lists MATHguide as a resource for integers:
August, 2017
University of Wisconsin, catalog of mathematics resources on the web:
August, 2017
Powell County Schools, math resources:
August, 2017
Mr. Eastes, Noblesville West Middle School:
August, 2017
Mathematics textbook publisher McGraw-Hill cites MATHguide as a general math education resource:
July, 2017
Terri Starnes, North Iredell High School:
July, 2017
F. Tsen, Burnaby School District 41:
Sept, 2016
Clinton High School, Oklahoma, links to our lessons for algebra and geometry:
June, 2015
Sandra Lessentine, Crete-Monee Middle School, cites MATHguide's lessons on Integers and Equations within its Helpful Study Links section:
June, 2015
Black Hills State University, South Dakota, lists MATHguide as a resource:
March, 2015
Leonardo daVinci High School Library:!math/c1bho
March, 2015
Trenholm State Technical College:
Feb, 2015
New York City Department of Education:
August, 2014
The Shelby County Schools references MATHguide for its game review formats::
May, 2014
Thomas Gorecki, Professor and Coordinator of Technical Studies at College of Southern Maryland, lists our web design tutorial as a favorite:
Oct, 2013
Science Montana (Montana State University) references our volume lesson within its lesson, called Canoes and Bouyant Force:
May, 2013
The Theory and Practice of Managing School Improvement [Pelendri State Institute of Further Education (Discipline Problems)] references MATHguide within a research paper:
May, 2013
The New York Department of Education links to MATHguide as a resource for its students:
May, 2013
OnTrack Math reports its use of MATHguide within its lessons:
April, 2013
An article on, 7th Grade Math Projects written by Bridgette Redman, refers to our projects:
March, 2013
Unitec's Institute of Technology, in New Zealand, urges students to utilize our surface area of rectangular prisms quizmaster:
March, 2013
There is a lesson posted on the Illuminations website (National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics) that references our area lessons:
March, 2013
Internet4Classrooms links to several surface area problems:
March, 2013
MATHguide is referenced within a scholarly Greek document for our arithmetic and geometric sequences and series lessons:
Sept, 2012
Henrico County Interactive Middle School uses MATHguide's arithmetic and geometric sequences lessons with its math course, Course 2 (121):
Aug, 2012
Mathematics textbook publisher McGraw-Hill cites MATHguide for our factoring and geometric sequences lessons/quizmasters:
Nov, 2011
The Importance of Children Learning Mathematics written by Diane Lynn references our Why I Must Learn Math article:
August, 2011
The Orange County Department of Education (California) recommended MATHguide:
June, 2011
Kathleen McNally cites MATHguide's projects section for a Southern Regional Education Board Conference:
May, 2011
Thomas Gorecki, Professor and Coordinator of Technical Studies at the College of Southern Maryland, lists our Elements of Effective Webpage Design Tutorial under his favorite links section:
May, 2010
Ms. Gantt, math teacher at East Gaston High School, shares our factoring quizmaster with students:
Feb, 2010
Ms. Gerstenzang, math teacher at Gibbons Middle School, shares our Integers lesson with students:
Sept, 2009
WikiPedia lists several MATHguide lessons within its pages. Here is one such mention:
November, 2008
Georgia Institute of Technology, curriculum support information:
Sept, 2008
Undercliffe Public School in Australia lists MATHguide as a useful link:
June, 2008
Upper Gullies Elementary School in Canada (Newfoundland and Labrador Sea) lists MATHguide links to our volume lessons:
August, 2007
Pinellas County School Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox included MATHguide within his letter to parents:'%20Guide_8_29.pdf
April, 2007
The Outreach for Technical Assistance Network lists MATHguide within Using Math Sites to Teach Math document:
Feb, 2007
Ferdinand Postma Library of North-West University in South Africa lists MATHguide as a mathematics resource:
Jan, 2007
PBS station in Kent Ohio lists MATHguide as a high school teacher resource:
Nov, 2006
Douglas L. Jamerson, Jr. Elementary: Center for Mathematics and Engineering (St. Petersburg, FL) included MATHguide within its Volume 4, Issue #9 Mailer:
Nov, 2006
The University of Sydney Australia lists MATHguide as a resource for solving equations:
Oct, 2006
The William Paterson University in Wayne New Jersey lists MATHguide as a mathematics resource:
Sept, 2005
The Kansas Learning First Alliance listed MATHguide as a helpful mathematics resource:
Aug, 2004
The University of Massechusetts Graduate School of Education, which emphasizes technology integration in teaching and learning, lists MATHguide as a mathematics resource:
Apr, 2004
Washtenaw Community College cites MATHguide within its mathematics links section:
Apr, 2004
Chinook Edge School District cites MATHguide as an exceptional website for all ages in a pamphlet to its community
Feb, 2003
A consultant to The Department of Education in Canada, Dennis Ivany, cites MATHguide as a mathematics resource for intermediate and senior level high school students in a letter to program specialists who have a responsibilty for mathematics and mathematics teachers:
Jan, 2003
The Instructional Technology Services Department of The Education Service Center in Houston Texas, which provides strategies for integrating technology into the classroom at both the elementary and secondary levels, lists MATHguide as a mathematics resource:
Oct, 2002
Innumeracy references MATHguide:
Apr, 2002
The Online Teachers Resources Network regognizes MATHguide's projects for its merits as a multiple intelligence model:
Sept, 2001
The Association for Independant Schools in New South Wales cites MATHguide in its newsletter, called "Primary":
Sept, 2001
NewScientists gives MATHguide an honorable mention
June, 2001
The Pocono Mountain School District in Pennsylvania specifically mentions MATHguide within its 8th grade mathematics curriculum:
Dec, 2000
The Winnepeg School District gives honorable mention to MATHguide in its Library Media Service Newsletter:
Oct, 2000
The Albemarle County Public Schools recognizes MATHguide in its newsletter, called Eureka:
Sept, 2000
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the largest professional mathematics education organization in the Nation, gives honorable mention to MATHguide in its News Bulletin:
June, 2000
Granted the Dr. Matrix Award for Student Resource
Note: Dr. Matrix was the manifestation of the late Martin Gardner.