Vectors: Inclined Plane Problems
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    This lesson page will explain how to use vectors for inclined plane problems. Here are the sections within this lesson page:

    Before continuing with this lesson, it is important that you understand what a vector is. Use this lesson before proceeding.

    esson: Vectors

    This video explains how to use vectors to solve inclined plane problems.

    ideo: Vectors: Inclined Plane Problems

    This video explains how teachers should approach inclined plane problems. Strategies include the use of higher order questions (HOT) for readiness and engagement, an explanation of the physics and trigonomnetry, and student/teacher feedback with the use of a MATHguide quizmaster.

    ideo: Vectors: Inclined Plane Problems

    Try this quizmaster to see if you understand the content above.

    uiz: Vectors: Inclined Plane Problems

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