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    This dynamic puzzle/game involves pattern recognition and a basis for systems of equations.

    ame: Picture Math

Picture Math Systems of Equations

    This game is used to gain practice for addition problems.

    ame: Pyramid Game: Addition

Pyramid Game Addition

    This game is used to gain practice for multiplication problems.

    ame: Pyramid Game: Multiplication

Pyramid Game Multiplication

    This game requires several layers of pattern recognition.

    ame: Squares Game

Squares Game

    Scroll down to the name of the problem you wish to view, then click on the 'Go' button.

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    MATHguide has several problem-of-the-week problems. They have been created in a video format, making more engaging than simple text-based problems. Use the following link to access them.

    ideo: MATHguide's Problem of the Day Videos
Squares Game