An Idea Whose Time May Have Come

In this revolutionary program, how things are said is much more important than what is actually accomplished.

MISSION STATEMENT:Engaged, authentic, effective, learner-directed, seamless cooperative assessments will measure incremental advancement in a performace-based equitable exploration of the world of multi-disciplinary collaborative knowledge-building. An interoperable format such as this is fundamental to any on-going strategic program of integrated, generative, inter-connected, empathetic facilitation.
Teacher Role - Researcher: Constant interaction with a thesaurus, seeking better ways to extend the number of syllables required to describe classroom activities.
Student Role - Laboratory Specimen: Participates in an endless series of "trial balloons" masquerading as revolutionary educational innovations while doing penance for using monosyllabic terms such as "teach," "learn," or "work."
Vision of Learning - An unrealistic world of pomposity where people use expressions such as "fascilitated knowledge-building."
Tasks - Remember, it's not the task that counts, it's what you call it.
Assessment - Bonus points for hyphenated terms used in response to the question, "What did you do today?"
Instructional Model - Oriented towards constructing new and improved "memo-worthy" vocabulary/terminology.
Learning Context - Instruction conceptualizes "one big happy group of outcome-oriented, collaborative, cognitive explorers."
Grouping - Organized according to usage or "proper" terminology. Sub-groups involve numbers of syllables in said terminology.
Operability - Capable of creating a "process designation" for just about anything.
Access - All students have equal access to existing terminology, and equal opportunity for advancement to programs in "name-dropping" and "servile behavior."
Organization - Culture-compatible; the language of hubris is universal.
Ease of Use - User-friendly; no term or expression will be judged as "too ridiculous." Techno-flexible; works equally well with an abacus or a computer.
Performance Engagability - All students actively involved in the essential search for the ultimate "buzz-word."

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